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For all your Marine Satellite TV Antenna and GPS Tracking Marine Security

S1M 3G ShorePower Alarm Tracker boat security system – tracks and reports when power is disconnected


We offer Affordable Marine Satellite Antenna for the Boating Market.

Smart1Marine are now business partner with TrackSAT.

We have also just updated our range to a new high quality, superbly featured and affordable TrackSAT product line up from 39cm to 120cm for Marine Satellite Television. We also welcome the addition to our product portfolio of the UltraTrack 4 Axis VSAT series which is manufactured for TrackSAT by the world class Korean satellite technology company KNS.TheTrackSAT VSAT’s range from 85cm, 1.0m & 1.2m commercial models right up to 3.0m industrial units.

TrackSAT is 100% Australian owned and operated.

All TrackSAT TV Antennas are VAST/Foxtel compatible. There are many ways to configure multiple TV’s & AV systems on your vessel. We have an AV specialist within our team so please contact us for advice on how to configure your system to best suit your needs.

All TrackSAT Satellite TV Antenna’s are “plug and play”.