When you’re out on the water in your vessel, the television signal is often unreliable and in many areas, normal terrestrial reception is not possible. When you are on the move across the water or swinging on anchor, normal TV reception is often not possible with regular Terrestrial aerials. To solve these issues equip yourself with a TrackSAT, Australia’s fastest growing name in marine satellite television antennas available for boats in Australia. TrackSAT brand antennas are manufactured in Korea by one of the world’s leading suppliers of satellite systems.

All TrackSAT UltraTrack models provide UltraQuiet and faultless  tracking from the Optus D3/C1 Satellites for both Foxtel & the new VAST free to air Satellite television service.  You can even view both systems individually or simultaneously on your vessel. Special Australian certified 10700 Quad LNB’s have been used to ensure compliance to both Foxtel & VAST signals.

TrackSAT now also markets KNS of Korea’s full range of Marine VSAT Antennas under theTrackSAT OEM brand name.  The KNS brand of VSATs have been proven in the North Sea Oil & Gas Industry, plus are used by many of the world Navy’s to ensure “always on” data can be received in any location while on the water.

TrackSAT is partnered with a network of reputable dealers across Australia. Our Dealers are fully experienced at installing marine television satellite systems and can also supply antenna mounts.

Free to air affordable TV for your boat

Do you like to spend a relaxing day out on the boat with your family? Or maybe you like to get out and do a little fishing on your own. Plenty can be said about the joys of boating and the good times that can be had out on the water. However, you may feel that you get a little disconnected when you are out on the boat.

While getting away from day-to-day life might be part of the reason that you go out on the boat, sometimes it might be nice to be able to catch-up on things that are happening on land. A great solution to this problem is to get a free to air television for your boat. With the TrackSAT TV systems that are available from Smart1marine, you have the option of getting free to air television from the VAST FTA satellite network. This option will provide you with all of the free to air programming that is available in Australia right on your boat. You can watch sports, follow the news and catch some of your favorite shows.

The TrackSAT TV systems that are available from Smart1marine are affordable, easy to install and they provide great viewing options for boaters.


Boat Batteries Are Often Overlooked

Your boat batteries are often overlooked, out of sight and relied on to deliver faultlessly those required volts to start the engine, running navigation equipment to keeping the drinks cold. This reliance quickly becomes apparent when the batteries fail and suddenly you realise all your systems on the boat cease to operate.  To look after your batteries manufacturers suggest keeping them fully charged at all times. A trickle charger connected to an external power supply or a solar panel can provide that extra voltage input which will prolong the life of your battery. offers affordable boat security system which will monitor your boat batteries and alert via SMS if your boat batteries voltage  falls below defined levels.