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Your virtual crew member a boat security system keeping watch.


Yacht Sentinel is an innovative boat security system keeping watch while you are away. I vividly remember talking to friends on Balmoral Beach and looking over at my anchored boat trying to work out if the anchor was dragging or not. It was, I thought there has to be a system which can monitor the anchor and alert me when I’m on shore. During the working week my boat is left unattended on a mooring, I wanted something to keep track and ensure the mooring line is holding and the bilge pump is working.


After talking with friends from overseas I was introduced to the manufacturer of a very unique product, The Yacht Sentinel. The thing which really stands out when compared to many other products is it works on the principal of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). A single circuit board with integrated telephone and GPS chipset means it uses very little power to operate.


The system is cost effective, I add $50 to the pre-paid sim card annually. I have comfort that I will be the first to know if the bilge pump fails when heavy rain storms hit Sydney or if someone steals the boat. After owning the device for four years I consider the Yacht Sentinel as a crucial member of my crew which continues to keep watch on the boat when I’m not there.


The Yacht Sentinel boat security system –  your virtual crew member. 

Yacht Sentinel Unit


S1M Tracker boat secuirty system – tracks and reports when power is disconnected

S1M Tracker



Smart Cam boat security system – keeps watch, records and sends back images to your phone.




"I work all week with my boat, loved but sometimes forgotten resting on a mooring in Sydney. It gives me peace of mind knowing its location"

- Jim

"started getting bilge alarm SMS alerts from my Yacht Sentinel boat monitor. On investigation, the bilge pump had physically failed "



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