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Your virtual crew member a boat security system keeping watch.



S1M Tracker boat secuirty system – tracks and reports when power is disconnected

S1M Tracker



Smart Cam boat security system – keeps watch, records and sends back images to your phone.



We offer Affordable Marine Satellite Antenna for the Boating Market.

Smart1Marine is delighted to be appointed the New South Wales principal for the supply of TrackSAT products:


TrackSAT is 100% Australian owned and operated. TrackSAT has entered into an exclusive agreement with China’s Harxon Corporation to supply High Quality, Marine Satellite Antenna’s to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Harxon is one of the worlds leading suppliers of Satellite positioning and antenna technology. Harxon has some exciting new technology within its product portfolio, so keep watching this site for releases of other product groups into Australia through the TrackSAT Agreement.

All TrackSAT TV Antennas are VAST/Foxtel compatible. There are many ways to configure multiple TV’s & AV systems on your vessel. We have an AV specialist within our team so please contact us for advice on how to configure your system to best suit your needs.

All TrackSAT Satellite TV Antenna’s are “plug and play” so if you are capable of running coaxial cables then you can probably install a TrackSAT system on your boat yourself.




"I work all week with my boat, loved but sometimes forgotten resting on a mooring in Sydney. It gives me peace of mind knowing its location"

- Jim

"started getting bilge alarm SMS alerts from my Yacht Sentinel boat monitor. On investigation, the bilge pump had physically failed "



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"Rare hawksbill turtle enjoys Cabbage Tree Bay as much as the rest of us"
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