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Bring Out Another Thousand


Welcome to Smart1Marine Blog which aims to entertain, inform and offer a glimpse into both the

frustration and enjoyment of boat ownership. Yes we own a boat and often get that look that either

I must be mad, made of money or going through some sort of initiation process to understand how

easy it is to lose wealth. So many times I have heard, mate you do realise the name boat stands for

Bring Out Another Thousand, so hence I decided to name this blog to reflect this immortal phrase.

My father owned a boat and his father and I was initiated from a very young age of the distorted

view that somehow fun was all about getting very cold, wet and sick from the motion of a boat. But

somehow I think this somewhat painful existing distorts us over time and I believe boaters are a

different breed to those more sedate land lumbers. I like many other have become totally obsessed

by the sea and find myself trying to now get my kids around the whole idea that’s it actually fun to

be in this lien environment.

I read an interesting article last week which from which reports on a product which

has been nominated for a DAME Award, an international design competition for new marine

equipment. The website for this product is and shows an

attractive girls wearing what looks like swim goggles. These glasses have fluid in the rims to show a

virtual horizon. Seasickness is caused by a sensorial conflict between the eyes and inner ears. This

idea sounds great but I’m not sure how many people will feel comfortable emerging from the cabin

wearing these fluid goggles. They would definitely raise a few laughs amongst fellow crew mates and

become a centre of amusement to pass away the hours on a long passage.




"I work all week with my boat, loved but sometimes forgotten resting on a mooring in Sydney. It gives me peace of mind knowing its location"

- Jim

"started getting bilge alarm SMS alerts from my Yacht Sentinel boat monitor. On investigation, the bilge pump had physically failed "



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